NaNoGuilt: What’s That All About?
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I don’t normally worry about the state of my house. Not ever. Housework is way way down on my list of priorities. So how comes that’s all changed now it’s NaNoTime?

On Sunday I wrote 2000 words then cleaned my front room from top to bottom. As a sort of penance. I even did the skirting boards, and anyone who knows me will know that I don’t do that sort of thing. The skirting now thinks that I’ve been bodysnatched by some alien or Stepford-wifed into some kind of robot; the door to the front room keeps eyeing me nervously wondering if it’s next.

It’s the same deal with the kids and husband (who all come much higher on my list of priorities you’ll be glad to hear). I’m making extra efforts to do stuff with them when this is the one month in the year when they’ve agreed to let me have some space. What is wrong with me?

On the plus side, I might come out the other side of November with half a novel, a happy, well-balanced family and a very very clean house.

I have to go now, I’ve written 2,800 words today and must atone for my sins by washing up.

Anyone else experiencing this? Or better still, anyone have a cure?

12 thoughts on “NaNoGuilt: What’s That All About?

  1. I have actually felt very guilty for letting my housework go. But I make a cup of tea and get over it rather quickly. ha! 🙂


    • Thanks Jackie, so you think tea could be the cure? Sadly, I don’t think this works for us Brits, we build up an immunity over the years due to the gallons of the stuff we drink 🙂


  2. You are very welcome to take out all your guilt on my house. I have been feeling guilty for neglecting my household duties. But I have often found that my house is never cleaner than when I am procrastinating.


  3. I can sympathize. I feel so bad about neglecting my boyfriend (this year the patient soul is trying NaNo himself; if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em) that I’ll make crock pot meals or make sure he has bread and lunch meat to make sandwiches and offset the fact that I’m not cooking. It’s especially bad this year; in the past I could pretend it was because I was working 40+ hours/week AND writing a novel, but this year I don’t even have a job as an excuse!

    Upside: My cats LOVE NaNoWriMo because it means hours of time on the couch where I don’t try to make them get off my legs because I’m not moving anyway.


    • I don’t believe there is a cure. It really is a guilt thing. Mine manifests as being extra worried about something happening to the kids when I’m reading/writing. That and moving furniture when I’ve finished a story/novel. Good job I’m not Catholic too, or there’d be no hope for me.


    • Hmmm… you’ve got me thinking. Maybe I should try to get the whole family to do NaNo and then they’ll get infected with NaNoGuilt and clean the house for me.


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