Out For The Count


I like counting things.

When I’m walking home and it’s too dark to read, I count my steps in twenties. First forwards, then backwards, then in French, then in Spanish. If I’m still not home, I start again. I’ve had several pedometers too – they do the counting for you, but I still join in to check they’re working properly. Am I sad? Probably.

NaNoWriMo was great for counting – number of words written, number of words still to write, average words per day. I even did the 666 thing (I found out about it on the forums) – where you write down the 666th word and the 1666th and the 2666th and so on, and then you see if there’s some kind of secret message from the dark side.

Anyway, December hasn’t been much fun on the counting front because I’ve been sick for days. My brain stopped functioning completely as soon as NaNo was over –  all I could manage was groans and whimpers punctuated by the odd moan. It was one of those special ‘variety pack’ illnesses too, a new symptom every day, sore throat, cold, headache, fever, general bleurghiness etc.  I manage to trawl through a few blogs and occasionally mustered up enough energy for a virus-laden ‘like’ or a flu-filled comment, but that was all.

So, total word count since December 1st (not including this) – I’ve no idea but I think it’s somewhere between one and three. I vaguely remember trying to write something on fever day, but I tore it up and threw it away the next day (coughing-my-guts-up day).

Today is the first day I’ve felt okay, but I had to go back to work, so my word count remains effectively zero.

Tomorrow though, I’m going to write, because my brain is functioning again and I really really miss writing. And then I’m going to count the words, and then I’ll count them in French and Spanish (maybe even backwards) because I really am that sad.

Photo credit: designwallah / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND
Photo credit: Strep72 / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

By the way, in case you were wondering, here is my message from the other side.

“Postman them my radio splutter It’s left but of is thins close what’s wear Speed it be knot is to anywhere hasn’t after button much me That rather all really then the They’ve start our or jump for go down when trouble A you in on fighting until police No of find.”


8 thoughts on “Out For The Count

    • Thanks Jackie – I think the underlying message is that there’s better things to do than try to make secret messages out of random words in your NaNoNovel!


  1. As a child I used to count the dimples in the ceiling tiles of my bedroom.
    Glad your feeling a bit better. Hope that your word count goes up significantly tomorrow.


  2. Glad you made it through the sick post-wrimo days 🙂 Sounds like you got the bug I did, but mine got stuck on “splitting-headache-day” and kept skipping.

    And no you aren’t alone in your countfulness… Half the time I’ll be counting steps, drum beats, washer revolutions, you name it before i even realize what I’m doing. Then I tap my hand to my new count beat lol.


      • Well…if we’re the only ones like us, we could create a new word for it. Binormal? No that sounds like a disorder. Duonormal? Maybe but that’s a lot of vowels. We could just be counterrific! Wait wait… I got it… Pair-a-normal. HA!


  3. Congratulations for completing NaNo as well! Yay! *waves pom poms
    Sorry that you’ve not been well. But glad that you are feeling better now and can resume counting activities 🙂


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