Friday Fiction – Sick (Based on a True Story)

It’s Friday again – which should be great news, not only because I don’t work Fridays, but also because it’s Friday Fictioneers. Unfortunately, though, I’m not feeling too great today so my offering is… well, frankly pathetic. But I’ve struggled on and dug up 100 words which sort of make sense, because I refuse to be beaten by a stupid bug or whatever it is I’ve got. Anyway, enough moaning, on with Friday Fictioneers!

For those who don’t know, this is a challenge to write a 100 word story from a picture prompt. It’s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, and anyone can play. Thanks for hosting, Rochelle!

Here’s the picture:

Copyright - Lora Mitchell

Copyright – Lora Mitchell

And here’s my tiny tale:

Sick (Based On A True Story)

I’m sick. Bang! I’m trying to sleep because my body really needs sleep and my brain has stopped working. Bang! But I can’t sleep because it’s New Year and everyone’s having fireworks parties. Bang! Every few seconds. Bang! It’s so unfair. My nose is red raw and my bed looks like a snow scene, only it’s not snow it’s tissues. Bang! I’d make a tissue snowman if I could be bothered, but I can’t because I’m too sick. And anyway I don’t have a carrot or a hat.

Or a clever ending to this little tale. Because I’m sick. Bang!

(100 words)

Click the blue frog to read more stories from other fictioneers. They’re probably a lot better than this one 🙂 (And I promise to read them all as soon as I feel better!)

36 thoughts on “Friday Fiction – Sick (Based on a True Story)

  1. Well I think you did very well for a sick person. I know how irritating it is when all you want to do is sleep and people keep letting off fireworks. Hope you’re feeling better soon.


  2. I’m sorry you are sick. You did very well even if you are sick. Bang! Hope you get to feeling better soon.


  3. Dear El,
    I’ll try to tread softly and not wake you with a bang. Thanks for rallying enough to write this piece. Oh…and very clever ending. 😉
    Shalom and get well,


    • Thank you for your kind comments, Rochelle. glad you liked the ending – I was only writing with half a brain, though. Next week I hope to be back to full brain function.


  4. I was going to use the “b” word, as in “You went out with a b—-” but since it’s already been used more than once, I’ll simply say you didn’t just do the best you could, you did it “well.” Hope you are, soon.



    • Thanks Rich – it did feel like a bit of a pathetic entry this week, but from all the lovely comments it seems I didn’t do so badly after all. Maybe I should try getting sick more often 😀


  5. Pretty much how I’ve been feeling for past two weeks. Your story is pretty great if you ask me, I know that feeling so well. Parties, music and fireworks everywhere and all you want to do is take a pill and sleep for a year. Hope you feel better soon!


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