Friday Fiction – Wilting Wilfred

My internet is fixed after weeks of problems, so I’m celebrating by posting my Friday Fiction two whole days early – because I can! πŸ™‚

For those who don’t know, Friday Fictioneers is a challenge to write a 100 word story from a picture prompt. It’s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, and anyone can play. Thanks for hosting, Rochelle! Check out the link at the end of my story to see what other fictioneers did with this week’s prompt.


Copyright - Lora Mitchell

Copyright – Lora Mitchell

Wilting Wilfred

β€˜It’s so humiliating,’ Wilfred sniffed, as he stared glumly out of the window. β€˜I used to be such a manly man. And she knows I’m allergic to flowers.’

If he’d known his wife Tabitha’s little secret, he’d never have slept with the lovely long-legged Clarissa. Or at the very least, he’d have been a lot more discreet.

Atishoo! Wilfred sneezed for the hundredth time that morning, causing his petals to quiver and his roots to tremble. He hoped Tabitha would forgive him soon and change him back; he was beginning to wilt.

(93 words)


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81 thoughts on “Friday Fiction – Wilting Wilfred

  1. Reminded me of that show…what was it…the one where the guy’s wife was a witch…Oh, can’t remember it…Got it now!!!! Here it is:

    That’s the one! Dunno if you’ve ever seen it but its great. Used to watch it a lot. I really enjoyed it. Miss it a lot. 😦


  2. Oh this is sheer brilliance! A manly man doesn’t do what he did anyway, but that’s beside the point, just so funny, so unexpected! Little tiny hints I see, when I read again, but so clever! And there he is, forlornly ‘hoping’…and ‘wilting’ too..!


  3. Very funny, I love his sulky little description of himself as a ‘manly man’ – quite fitting she turned him into a flower. It suits him.


    • Bad enough that he was turned into a flower and now you want to dismember him? Remind me not to get on the wrong side of you! Thanks for commenting πŸ˜€


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  5. I liked that a lot. Was reading on quickly to see what the hell was going on… Then the last line sealed it. Not too different from my take really either, yay!
    Well done,
    D x


  6. Tabitha…Darrin and Samantha’s little one all grown up? I remember. Nice!

    Thanks for stopping by Semi de ‘Lillium’ – our elder still remembers her name though the days of the week often get mixed up. But hey when your in your 90’s you can have someone else keep track of days. πŸ™‚


    • She wasn’t called Tabitha originally, but then Bewitched popped into my head and I thought, why not! Enjoyed your tale this week too. thanks for commenting πŸ™‚


  7. Ah Samantha and Darrin’s little girl is all grown up. She was full of mischief all during her arc on the show. Now she has extended her reach to dealing with the unfaithful husband. This may actually begin a trend if wives and husbands could determine how to make it happen.

    So glad your internet has been fixed so you can bless us with your talent! I love your writing!


    • Aah, thanks Joe – you’re always so sweet! Let’s hope nobody finds out how to do this for real though or we’ll have a lot more lillies and a lot less husbands!


    • HI David
      Well, I’m seeing a different side to our normally gentle Friday Fictioneers this week – there’s you with the dog, JKBradley talking of dismembering Wilfred, Tom Poet wanting to wear him as a corsage, and even Rochelle wants to jab him with a pin in the petals! Looks like revenge brings something out in you all – I might have to watch what I write in future! Loved your alien lily by the way πŸ˜€


  8. It’s good to read a little humour after so many dark posts this week. I liked the nod to bewitched as well, one of my favourite childhood shows. Good story. πŸ™‚


    • It has been a very dark week, hasn’t it. I suppose that’s what you get for using a prompt with funeral flowers. I find myself unable to be serious though, so if you ever need a bit of light relief, pop over to my place πŸ™‚


  9. Awesome story enjoyed it – a winner ! I didn’t know the background cause the show doesn’t run in my part of the world.. amazing creativity.. and great writing ! πŸ™‚


    • Thank you so much for the reblog and the lovely comment. Shame you never got to see Bewitched, although I think it would look a bit lame now after all these years!


    • Thanks for your sweet comment. I should’ve used those extra seven words though – I couldn’t find a way to use them when I wrote this but I feel a bit wasteful coming in at 93 words!


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