Friday Fiction’s Sunday Surprise: The Dog and the Tree

I’m not well, light sensitive headaches which mean I have to keep my screen time to a minimum. This means I can’t contribute to this week’s Friday Fiction which is killing me, so I thought I’d share this amazing video done by Kent Bonham of one of my earlier Friday Fiction stories instead. It arrived a couple of Sundays ago, in my inbox. There I was, minding my own business, munching at a bit of toast and sipping a nice cup of tea, when up popped a message from Rochelle asking me what I thought of a video Kent had done of one of my stories.

What did I think? I thought it was wonderful, a massive compliment and the best of Sunday surprises.

I hope you agree.

And here’s the original story:

The Dog and The Tree (Translated from the original by EL Appleby)

Tree was mostly happy with his lot, he had plenty of sun and his dear friend, Stream, flowed beneath his roots. If it wasn’t for that damned dog, everything would be perfect.

‘Woof!’ [1] said Dog, as he cocked his leg and pissed all over Tree’s knobbly trunk, ‘Woof-woofy-woof-woof!’ [2]

Tree had an idea, he whispered it to Stream, ‘Rustley-rustle-rustle?’ [3]

And Stream replied ‘Whoosh-trickly-whoosh-whoosh-wooshy-wooshy-woo.’ [4]

The next day, Dog came bounding along and lifted his leg, ‘Woof! Woof-woofy-woof-woof!’

Stream, who’d been holding his breath for a good hour, aimed a burst of icy water at Dog’s privates.

‘Yelp!’ [5] said Dog.

‘Rustle-rrrustle-rustle!’ [6] giggled Tree.

(100 words – translations below for those who don’t speak Doggish, Treese or Streamese)

[1] Hiya!

[2] Love ya, Tree, I really really love ya!

[3] Hey, Stream, I’ve got a plan to sort that damned dog out once and for all, you in?

[4] Ok.

[5] Fuck me, that’s cold!

[6] Best. Fun. Ever.


15 thoughts on “Friday Fiction’s Sunday Surprise: The Dog and the Tree

  1. Sad to know you couldn’t contribute this week.. hope u get well soon 🙂
    This was my fav story among your stories, that I have read so far ! may i dare to add a continuation to your lovely story !

    …and as night swallowed up the sun.. Tree and Stream slept peacefully, their heart’s filled with joy.
    .”rustly rustle rrrustle rusttt rushhh” yawned the tree — *good night stream.. day well spent.. yawn..
    “wosshhh wosshhhh wohuuusssh” giggled stream — *well spent indeed .. heeeh hheee

    and suddenly the stream screamed… “woshhh hoosh hossh” *aghhhh spat spat

    “rustle rustle russtly” asked the tree — *what happened stream ? I can’t see anything

    “howllllll wooooo hooooowwwlllll” — *that’s right drink that stream! howled the dog

    Hope you got what I tried to infer ! 😀 and didn’t mind me poking my nose in your story.. I just really loved the creativity the humor in this one 🙂


  2. I loved the story when you first wrote it, but having the video to it is priceless! Bravo Kent! And you El of course. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Headaches suck. big hugs. 🙂


  3. Sorry you haven’t been well, El. 😦 Hope to see your contributions again very, very soon.

    By the way, I think that young man who did the narration (although he’s several years older than you to the day — yes, to the ACTUAL DAY) has real vocal talent … now if he’d just take it back where he found it and leave us all ALONE!!!

    Great story, EL! You made it easy. Really.



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