Friday Fiction: Whither Goest Thou, Fair Lady?

Photo Copyright Erin Leary


Whither Goest Thou, Fair Lady?

One misty morning, a dapper young chap went a-walking in Kilkenny and happened upon a fair lady.

‘Whither goest thou?’ quoth he.

‘To be sure,’ said the lady, for she was Irish to the core. ‘I’m after catching meself a frog.’

‘And willst thou kiss thy frog in the hopes of landing thyself an enchanted prince?’ enquired the gentleman. ‘For I’d be charmed to be your frog. Ribbet!’ And he puckered up for a kiss.

‘The frog’s for my biology class – it’s dissection day. Sure, you’ll do though,’ said the lady, producing a scalpel.

But her suitor had hopped off.

(100 words)

I had loads of problems with WordPress last week which left me with intermittent access to most blogs (including my own!) and most of my comments seem to have ended up in people’s spam folders. Never mind, new week, new story, new start 🙂 ________________________________________________________________________________________________

For those who don’t know, Friday Fictioneers is a challenge to write a 100 word story from a picture prompt. It’s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, and anyone can play. Thanks for hosting, Rochelle! Check out the link below to see what other fictioneers did with this week’s prompt.

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73 thoughts on “Friday Fiction: Whither Goest Thou, Fair Lady?

  1. I’ve tried in the past to write a story in ye olde English and never quite got it to a place I was happy with. Yours however is pretty much there. Good Job. And you made it humorous as well. A touch of Black Adder in there me thinks!


    • I’m reading something a bit old fashioned and I think it rubbed off on me – it was purely accidental, I certainly didn’t set out to write a period piece. The Black Adder-esque feel was also accidental, but you can’t have too much Black Adder – thank you 🙂


  2. With a hey and a nonny, ding dong derry, El, you crack me up! Five gold rings for this story.

    Rochelle has a sign on her office wall that says, “feces occureth.” That would say it well for the dapper gent.


  3. A lucky escape for the dapper young chap! I like the way he’s all “fairy tale” and she’s all business (and a bit homicidal as well) 🙂


  4. Haha, a lovely little story and a great twist in the tail too. (Do frogs have tails?!) I loved the styled of the writing too, very quaint and unusual.


    • thank you. I seem to remember from keeping tadpoles as a child that they start with tails but then they fall off. thanks for your lovely comments 🙂


  5. Perfectamundo, El, the perfect thing to read in the late afternoon. Two quibbles. Correcting your Irish, I think that this “catching myself” should be “meself” and I’d love to see a question mark at the end of the frog/prince’s first question. Sure and it’s a mean one I am. 🙂



      • Thanks janet – both amendments done. Much appreciated 🙂 I did originally have ‘meself’ but changed it – not sure why. I spent a lovely month in Ireland last year (travelling all over the place) and loved the way everyone spoke – especially ‘How are ya’ – which had a long rolled ‘r’ and was said instead of ‘Hello’ – and didn’t require an answer!


    • I like that idea! In my mind she just thought he was pushing his luck (and was genuinely looking for frogs to dissect), but your idea is much more twisted and much more fun!


  6. Dear EL,

    So hoppy to read your story. Love the language and the twist on an old favorite. I’ve had some valid comments go to my spam folder this week. It’s why I check it on a regular basis. If I didn’t I’d miss all those Chines/Japanese messages that go on for a whole page. What’s up with that?




  7. I have to admit that I didn’t check the spam folder at all until patriciaruthsusan said she was having a problem with her comments ending up in spam, so I’ve probably missed a few over the last year or so. My issue is related to my internet provider (TalkTalk) but I’m leaving them in a few days so hopefully all will be resolved.
    Thanks for your lovely comments 🙂


  8. This is my favorite story for this week, El. This one will stay with me a long time, as will the thought of Rochelle’s “feces occureth” sign.


    • Thanks K.Z. for your lovely comments.
      Apologies for the late reply – I’m on holiday in France and grabbing a few secs with the laptop while the kids are asleep 🙂


  9. Lovely voices and language. What a girl! And how typical of her suitor to hop off just when he could actually be of some use! 🙂


  10. You used the wrong picture as the prompt! The blue guy is just the linkup thingy. I’m kidding, but I did like the frog theme. It was effective and I enjoyed your story very much.


    • That made me laugh – and gave me an idea – maybe I’ll write an inlinkz froggy story at some point, it’s about time he got his turn in the limelight 😀


    • Thanks Ellespeth (what a lovely name – I may have to use it in a story!) Apologies for the late reply – am sunning myself in France this week. Thank you for your kind comments 🙂


  11. Great stuff, I’m glad I hopped into your blog again this week. But now I’ve reddit. Reddit. Reddit.


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