Friday Fiction: Here Comes The Sun


PHOTO PROMPT Copyright -Jennifer Pendergast
PHOTO PROMPT Copyright -Jennifer Pendergast


Here Comes The Sun

Lucy was ashamed. She’d pinched small things before: hotel shampoos, glass ashtrays from cafes. And on holiday, she reasoned, it doesn’t count as stealing. Everybody does it.

But this was big.

Once she’d worked out how to compress it, she’d squeezed it into a single suitcase for her flight home from Ibiza, but when she unpacked it, it filled her garden and threatened to spill out into the street.

Lucy shook off her guilt, you could hardly blame her, England was all grey skies and drizzle. She slipped on her bikini and went outside to enjoy her stolen Spanish sunshine.


(100 words)

Please check your spam folder for my comments – I’m still having problems with mine disappearing and I’d hate you to think I was ignoring you! Am on holiday this week in France, so comments, likes etc. will be sporadic. And if I can find out how to bring the sunshine back home with me – I will! ________________________________________________________________________________________________

For those who don’t know, Friday Fictioneers is a challenge to write a 100 word story from a picture prompt. It’s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, and anyone can play. Thanks for hosting, Rochelle! Check out the link below to see what other fictioneers did with this week’s prompt.

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56 thoughts on “Friday Fiction: Here Comes The Sun

    • Thank you – I am really basking in the glorious heat in France at the moment (probably not hot for most people, but for us Brits it’s positively baking!), so I thought I’d share the sunshine 😀


    • Thanks Claire – I saw it as soon as I saw the picture, but couldn’t work out how to make it work in 100 words – I have a notebook full of scrawls and failed attempts – I’m glad I persevered. Thanks for your lovely comment.


  1. I can see some cartoon character doing this. Nice, dry humor you English folk are famous for. Thanks! Bring Kansas some gray skies … we need the rain!

    Nice, El!


  2. El, Another great and humorous story. XD I’d send the sun from here in India but the heat might come with it and that wouldn’t be pleasant. 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying your trip. Sorry you’re still having trouble with your comments disappearing. I check my Spam every day because of the trouble I had with it. —Susan


    • Thanks Susan – I’m no good with too much heat – I tend to frazzle like a rasher of bacon!
      Thanks also for your concern over my comments issues – the only reason I started checking my spam folder was because you said you were having problems, and then I started having problems too. I think it might be resolved now though.


  3. Dear EL,

    I really want to know how to stuff sunshine into a suitcase. Is that anything like saving time in a bottle? Both lovely ideas. I’m basking in the warmth and light of your wit. 😀




  4. Dear El,

    I feel the ice is slowly melting….

    A lovely, whimsical take on the prompt that is well written and kind of magical in its own delightful way. This kind of story is very hard to pull off, but in your hands, it was perfect.




  5. I could use some of that sunshine. Perhaps I should check my suitcase. Perhaps there’s some there from my last trip to the Caribbean!


  6. i love the idea of stealing sunshine! I could totally see her teaming up with Gru!!! (from Despicable Me) love your story 🙂


  7. aloha El Appleby. well set up and hidden ending. fun read. I’m still working on the bottles. I’m reasonably sure if I ever get them to work I’ll have a job for life sending sunlight everywhere. enjoy your travels. aloha.


  8. If only this could happen the sun wouldn’t be safe from us cloud-covered-Brits. Great imagination. Enjoy your hols.


  9. The idea of this is so sublime! If we could truly pack up some of the sparkle from vacations and bring it home… what a joyful thing. But then again, perhaps it would diminish some of the sparkle. Loved this perspective; wonderful story.


  10. I loved the twist. I was being led to believe Lucy was a mischievous klepto, so this was a wonderful ending. It made me feel warm and sunny just reading it! I hope you’re enjoying France! Where I’m at, it’s hot and humid. 😡


    • Sadly I managed to pack a lot of genuine sunshine into this story – when I got up the next morning there were no more blue skies – only grey ones for the rest of my holiday 😦
      Must be some kind of karmic thing


      • Oh, I’m sorry the sunshine disappeared. Though, if it was always around, we wouldn’t appreciate it so much! I just realized that your story stuck with me longer than I imagined. Lucy was the name that somehow first came to mind with my character for this week. So, the sunshine isn’t completely gone! 🙂


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