Firewords Quarterly – Get It While It’s Hot!*

Firewords Issue One
Firewords Issue One

I may have mentioned this in an earlier post. I may have been a little over-excited because Firewords Quarterly is publishing my story Crik Crak in its first edition. My excitement was entirely justified, they’ve done a sterling job on my story, encasing it in the most incredible illustration by the hugely talented Kirsty Greenwood. It’s beautiful..

Firewords Quarterly is a new and exciting concept where art meets stories, text gets mixed up and re-formatted and everything is given a Firewords makeover.

Or in their words: “Firewords Quarterly is a newsprint magazine packed full of powerful fiction and poetry – all enhanced by bold design.”

My copy arrived through the door while I was on holiday so my first glimpse was on Saturday night/ early Sunday morning. I was exhausted after a long journey home, but ripped open the envelope as soon as I was in the door and sat down to read. Each page is a new adventure in design, art and incredible writing. But enough gushing, why not find out for yourself how good it is.

Pop over to their website now to buy Issue 1, sign up for updates, or to find out how to submit your own work for Issue 2. For Friday Fictioneers, there’s even a writing prompt (the limit is a ‘massive’ 400 words, though!)

 *My shocking pun in the title is not endorsed by Firewords Quarterly. I take full responsibility (but I couldn’t resist).

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