carpe diem haiku: nakedness & other dangly bits


your drooping member

has given me the giggles

please put some clothes on


This is for the Carpe Diem Haiku prompt no. 497: nakedness, and it’s my first attempt at haiku. I’m probably not following the complex and myriad rules of haiku, but I enjoyed myself so much that I went back over some of this month’s earlier prompts.

Here’s my Carpe Diem June Catch Up:

nights of summer

drizzle penetrates

we shiver in cardigans

summer in Britain


after loving

we lie back and smoke

our post-coital cigarettes

then one of us farts


hot springs

miracle water

disappoints as it’s not quite

hot enough for tea



lips slip, noses bump

teeth clash, I wish I could kiss

like they do in films



a warm wind cometh

too much broccoli, methinks

better out than in.



we watch the sun rise

wide awake, praying for sleep

damned amphetamines


being lazy

I bought a stair-lift,

there’s nothing wrong with my legs

I just can’t be arsed.


19 thoughts on “carpe diem haiku: nakedness & other dangly bits

  1. El welcome at carpe diem haiku kai what a pleasure to read these first attempts to write haiku. Don’t worry about all those rules. Haiku îs fun. Basho once said ‘learn the rules and forget them immediately’. Haiku must come straight from the heart and I think you did great for a first attempt. By the way … I am your host at Carpe Diem


    • Thanks for the welcome, chevrefeuille (sorry, can’t seem to do accents in the comments!). I tried to introduce myself on your blog but my comment disappeared so not sure what happened there. I look forward to more haiku and more fun 🙂


      • Did you introduced yourself at Carpe Diem? I can’t remember if I have read that. Did you do that maybe anonymous? Because if that’s so than I think I have deleted it as I do with every anonymous comment. Please try it again or you can email Carpe Diem at: than I will introduce you to our Haiku Kai.


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