Cinnamon Dreams

Cinnamon Dreams

Bob Tambourine and his kaftan-clad wife, Windsock, loved their crooked little stone house. Bob had built it himself (you could tell). Their daughter, Cinnamon Sky, was less enamoured. She craved normal things like matching plates, burgers made with meat not lentils, running water, electricity, clothes with the price tags on and food that comes in cellophane packets.

But most of all, thought Cinnamon Sky, as she squatted in the dark outside, most of all I want a toilet. Indoors. With a seat. And a flush. Cinnamon smiled at the thought, and then sighed as she accidentally peed on her toes.

(100 words – no cheating this week!)

Β Written for Friday Fiction – click the link below to see what other writers did with the prompt, or click here to head over to Rochelle’s place and join in.


Need more Tambourines? Try Cinnamon Sky Sees The Light or It’s Pretty But Is It Art?

30 thoughts on “Cinnamon Dreams

    • No, this is a new one. I wasn’t doing FF when this photo came out before. But the characters are ones I’ve used before, so that’s probably why it seems familiar. Glad you liked it.

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  1. Be glad, Mrs. Appleby, that I wasn’t drinking anything near the computer screen since I would have had MAJOR spew-age onto my iMac.

    The “attitude” of the piece shines through in it’s own humorous and hilarious way that you have so much produced for us over the years. Personally, I think you and Russell are sister and brother from another mother, kidnapped by gypsies and raised between Suffolk and Little Rock. You two should collaborate on a story.

    I give it five out of five organic granola bars — but then again, they’d probably go right through her and she’d more than pee on her toes, so we’ll forget about it. It gets the max, let’s just say that. πŸ˜€

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    • I do love your comments – thanks so much. It was lovely revisiting old characters this week – I must do something more with them. Glad I didn’t cause damage to your computer πŸ˜€


      • I did look over your previous posts from a year or two and I saw Cinnamon Sunshine and the story of her pedaling faster for light. If you have anymore, go for it.


      • Hey, guys,. go for it! I would read a story like that. Better yet, why not the two of you try writing each other’s stories to see how well you can match each other, imitate the other? That I would DEFINITELY read. Really.


        • That sounds a little scary – last time I tried to collaborate on a story it almost ended in divorce! I’m not very good at compromise πŸ˜€ But I agree with the sentiment – if I need a laugh I know where to find one πŸ™‚


          • Well, how about this — you imitate Russell’s stories with intros and everything he does for his blog? That would be good. And Russell, you initiate El’s intros and story.


          • My intros lately have been sparse to say the least – so Russell would have nothing to work from πŸ™‚ It’s an interesting idea, but give me a month or so to get back into the swing of things – I’m so rusty at all this!


  2. Old hippies living off the grid. I know some of those people personally. Wonderful people, even though sometimes their personal hygiene is lacking, plus I find women with more leg hair than mine somewhat of a turnoff.

    Great story this week. Five homemade organic granola bars.


  3. That last line had me laugh out loud. That poor kid, LOL. Dad should learn a thing or two about building sewage tanks and indoor plumbing. And the names… what a great story.


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