Get Me Out Of Here!

Copyright - Douglas M. MacIlroy

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Get Me Out Of Here!

Ginny called 999. In Derek’s defence, it wasn’t his idea to try the stupid thing on in the first place, it was Ginny who’d begged and cajoled until he gave in.

Like many things in life, getting into it was easy but getting out considerably harder. Derek slumped in a chair and put his head in his hands. Unfortunately, having omitted to compensate for the weight of the massive antique helmet, he fell forwards, somersaulted and ended up flat on his back.

Ginny changed into a low-cut number, applied a bit of lippy and waited for the firemen to arrive…

(100 words)

This was originally entitled ‘Rescue Me’ but I think the new title is better. I normally leave my stories in draft form overnight to mature before publishing (the 100 word equivalent of leaving your novel in a drawer for 3 months), but the Publish button is right next to the Preview button and I pressed it by mistake – oops! There are a few more things I might have changed if I hadn’t done that, but I’ll leave the rest as it is.

Written for Friday Fiction – click the link below to see what other writers did with the prompt, or click here to head over to Rochelle’s place and join in.

I remember this one from the first time round – this is what I did with the prompt back then: An Unfortunate Face


22 thoughts on “Get Me Out Of Here!

  1. Well, that last part certainly explains why she pleaded for him to put it on. When he gets the helmet off and sees how she’s primped and prettied herself he’s going to be really unhappy with her. Hilarious, El. 😀 — Suzanne

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    • You are absolutely right – thanks for outing me as a total sexist! Although I actually wrote this based on my experience at work when the fire-fighters turned up (and they were all male) and half the girls started cat-calling! I was disappointed to say the least, but as my friend Trey always says – it’s all grist for the mill 😀


  2. Hee-hee-hee-heeeeee! It sounds similar to stories I heard when I temped in a hospital in Kansas City. Firemen get all kinds of weird calls. Also reminds me of a conversation I overheard in a restaurant with a group of ladies all saying that, when the cable guy comes, they’re READY.

    Five out of five stuck-in-the-embarrassing-places pop bottles (yet another story of the emergency room of the hospital). 😀


    • I would love to temp in a hospital – the stories you must have! My temping days were mostly taken up with working in fruit and veg factories. Did you know, they THROW AWAY perfectly ripe avocados? By the time they hit the shops they’ll be overripe. I smuggled a couple out in my bra once – the supervisor must have thought I had a bit of a problem!


  3. Ginny sounds like a girl with fairly exacting standards. I just hope the firemen are up to it. Nice to be sure of a grin when I come here. 🙂


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