Bit On The Side

Bit On The Side

Mildred twitches the curtain. She drops her jaw and picks up the phone.

‘Guess what, Norma,’ she says, transfixed. ‘Daphne over the road’s asked the milkman in!  This time last week, she was carrying on with the postman. Remember? Shameless hussy! Not that he’s any better. If my Conrad fooled around like that I’d string him up by the knackers.’

Three houses down, a door opens. A woman buttons her blouse. A man kisses her neck.

‘Tell Daphne she can take off the milkman’s costume,’ he says with a wink. ‘Show’s over.’

‘Alright, Conrad,’ she smiles. ‘Same time next week?’

(100 words)

Photo prompt © GAH Learner

 I thought I’d join in with Friday Fiction (it’s been a while!) – click the link below to see what other writers did with the prompt, or click here to head over to Rochelle’s place and join in.

17 thoughts on “Bit On The Side

  1. Other than being a bit confused about who was doing whom (maybe saying ‘in the next street’ rather than ‘three doors down’ might have made it easier for my pea brain to get), yes, hits the nail on the head. Scary …


  2. Mildred’s behaviour and sense of superiority give me a little insight into why Conrad might feel the need to play away. Very well told.


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