Boxed In

 We lived in Gothic House, seven squeezed in students. My room was the smallest, a cupboard really, barely space for the slatted single bed, but only a tenner a week. I kept my suitcase under the bed, wide open. When I needed anything, I’d sit at one end and roll up the mattress to get to my things. For a really good rummage, I’d drag the whole suitcase into the hall.

Now I wander through my country house, with its marble floors, balconies and double bedrooms, and I wish I could peel the mattress back to those Gothic House days.

(100 words)

Photo prompt © J Hardy Carroll

 Another Friday, another fiction. This one’s less ha ha and more wistful aah. Click the link below to see what other Friday Fictioneers did with the prompt, or click here to head over to Rochelle’s place and join in.


22 thoughts on “Boxed In

  1. I definitely experienced that wistful pang, though my marble floors may not be, well, marble, and my country, well, to be honest, suburban, house may not be as spacious…😊

    The things we miss are not the furnishings, but the memories that flood back at the thought of them. Well done!

    Love how she peels back the mattress like peeling back time. And “gothic house”. Both lead back to the prompt.


  2. Reminds me of my second year university room. Except it wasn’t Gothic and it was decidedly more than a tenner a week!
    I often think back to bygone days – poorer but happy and carefree(ish).


    • The story is actually partly true. I genuinely spent a few months living in a ‘cupboard’ for a tenner a week as a student. And spent the cash I saved by renting cheap on beer at the SU bar of course!

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  3. It sounds like the money made or inherited didn’t carry with it the happiness of those early years. A lovely insight into the early cramped and contented independent living.


  4. A perfect example that having things can’t compete with having a life. And being young and carefree makes up for a lot. But looking back at my own youth–would I really want to be that poor again? No, not really. 🙂


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