Pushing Up Daisies

Greta knelt in the flowerbed admiring the exquisite white daisies, they were truly spectacular this year. She was famed for her green fingers, friends joked that she could plant anything and make it grow: shoes, umbrellas, even money (she tried – no joy).

Greta was rarely allowed to buy seeds; her husband kept a tight hold on the purse strings, and on his wife’s strings. He enjoyed making her dance. Until she snapped and he found himself on the receiving end of her hefty garden spade.

Who knew he’d make such excellent fertilizer? Greta inhaled the daisy’s heady fragrance and smiled.

(100 words)

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

 I’m a day late this week. Busy, busy, busy! The picture made me think of an umbrella tree, and my story sprouted from there 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Pushing Up Daisies

  1. Love where you took this – I wasn’t expecting gentle green-fingered Greta to be the violent sort. But I feel she was forced to act to save herself. Great characterisation as we just know the husband was a b*****d from what you say about pulling strings and making her dance.


  2. This made me smile, especially when i got to the gruesome, subtly worded end and full circles back to the title. I like how you understate the murder and deftly give us a flavour of Greta’s nonchalance about it.

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