A Little Present From Sprongolia


A Little Present from Sprongolia

Shronk and Frickle thoroughly enjoyed visiting the natural history museums on Earth. They’d squeeze their Sprongolian lifeforms into human suits and adopt Earth names for the occasion. Today, Shronk chose ‘Sandra Crook’ and Frickle picked ‘Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’.

Sandra pointed at an exhibit entitled ‘Under the Sea’ and giggled.

‘It always amuses me to see this on display,’ she said, in Sprongolian. ‘What do they call it again?’

Rochelle squeezed her three tongues together to formulate the word in English.

‘C-o-r-a-l,’ she said, enunciating proudly.

‘And they’ve no idea it’s actually Sprongolian … waste matter?’


‘Shit,’ said Sandra.

‘Literally,’ said Rochelle.


(100 words)

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Sorry Sandra! Sorry Rochelle! Talk about taking someone’s name in vain!

I’m off on holiday this weekend for a couple of weeks so please don’t think I’m ignoring you if I don’t reply immediately. If the WiFi’s good (and the company’s bad) I may take a peek while I’m away 🙂

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21 thoughts on “A Little Present From Sprongolia

    • He/she might indeed. Sprongolia is, of course, right next door to Raxacoricofallapatoria, home of the Slitheen 🙂
      (And yes, I did have to google it to get the spelling right!)


  1. Haha my mind instantly went to the great coral reefs in the pacific ocean. I sincerely wish that my poop looked like that, though I imagine it’d be a bit tricky and painful to “get out” so to speak haha. Great story you have here 🙂


  2. That Rochelle, she speak with triple forked tongue. And you must have been channelling my recent conversations… you got it about right. 🙂 Good one – I’m glad you’re participating again.


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