Jack Woz Ere


Jack Woz Ere

Geraldine threw down her cap in horror. She’d returned from the pub after a quick pint to find the words JACK WOZ ERE carved into her favourite tree. People thought Tree Protection Officers watched trees all day … okay, she basically did. Now she’d failed at even that simple task.

I’m going to get fired, thought Geraldine. Maybe if I carve a little here, shave a bit there…

Hours later she stepped back, admiring her work. Not bad.

Even better, her hat had filled with coins while she worked. Enough for a pint, Geraldine grinned and headed back to the pub.

(100 words)


Apologies to any Tree Protection Officers out there, I realise there’s more to the job than watching trees! I’ve been on holiday for a couple of weeks (did you miss me?). The wifi was bad and the company good so I didn’t try to participate while I was away but am looking forward to getting stuck into this week’s stories.

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