I am a writer
I am a writer
I am a writer
(I’ve said it three times so it must be true.)

I write short stories, mostly humorous, sometimes not, often with a sprinkling of surrealism.

One day my stories will win prizes (they’ve already won one or two), and maybe even earn me money. Until then, I’ll just share them on here with anyone who cares to read them.

Other stuff:

I live in England

I live with some or all of the following: children, husband, mother-in-law, dog, cuddly toy, cabbage

I hope you enjoy this site. Please leave a comment, I love feedback.

And if you have time, why not read some of my stories. These ones are very short (100 words) and some of these ones are a bit longer.


45 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ela – Appreciate the follow 🙂 I think your ‘Sofa Whisperer’ NaNovel idea is hilarious! And I like that your heroine does origami when she’s nervous. She should try folding sonobes 🙂


  2. Hi EL, thanks for following my blog. I can see that you’re deep in the throes of NaNo, so I appreciate you taking the time to come visiting my way. I also appreciate that you’re also a writer of short stories: I’ve always struggled with this format – the “short” part, that is, not the “story” part. Okay, that was my lame attempt a being funny. Good luck on your NaNo project.


    • Thank you. I’m always looking to learn more stuff and I think I can learn a lot from you. This is my first foray into the longer story and I was pleased to note that I work in a very similar way to you – planning in my head, writing today’s words, then leaving a few notes for the next day so I’m not staring at a blank page. Your blog is excellent.
      I may also have permanently ruined my career as a short story writer with my dabbling in NaNo, dammit!


      • Thank you for your kind words about my blog.

        And fear not: there are worse things in the world for a writer than being well-suited to novel-length works, especially if you’re able to write at a NaNo pace (I’m sure not!) 🙂


  3. I am nominating you for the Liebster Blog Award. If you are not keen on participating, that’s fine, because I know that not everyone is keen on these awards. However, I wanted to show my appreciation for your blog and share you with others.


    • Thanks so much – that’s really kind of you! Did you know you were my 100th follower?! I haven’t been over to your place for a while, or to anyone else’s, as my internet ground to a halt. All fixed now thanks to a lovely engineer who popped by yesterday so I’m wallowing in the glory of technology – and watching back to back films on Lovefilm!
      Thank you so much for the award 😀


      • Losing the Internet is like losing a limb these days! Glad you’re back with us!
        If I’m your 100th follower does that make me a centurion now? 🙂


  4. I’m an empty nester (though the grandchild bounces in for frequent visits) from across the pond. I am a poet, I am a poet, I am a poet…though not a professional. I’d starve if I had to depend on my writing. Dabbling in fiction. Delighted to find the Friday Fictioneers. Love, love, love humor. Though I have a serious side that sometimes I allow to be heard. Cheers.


    • Hi Jules
      Glad you’re enjoying Friday Fictioneers, I look forward to reading more of your stuff. Oh, and now that you’ve said it three times – you’re a poet – congratulations!
      talk soon


  5. Hiya!
    I’m not sure if you’ve been nominated already – and if you have, here we go again! – but if not, consider yourself nominated by me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It’s to recognize others who consistently write great posts that the nominator looks forward to reading. My blog has my acceptance entry and the details…and congrats!


    • Thank you so much – that’s a lovely surprise! I have to say that I’m not very good at awards as I’m too disorganised to get round to doing all the stuff you’re supposed to do, but I’ll pop over to yours and see what all the fuss is about!
      thanks again


  6. Two stories & an about, and I’m all smiles. Since I need 352 smiles each day to power my brain, I’m adding you to my ‘blogs to creepily lurk around in’ (I meant to critically and selectively peruse, of course). -j


  7. Hey E.L.. I am going to host a multi-blogger exercise to create a collaborative fiction story starting May 1st. I hope to have twelve writers (eleven plus myself). Would you be interested? You would only be asked to contribute 750 words on your assigned time period (three days to complete).

    Secondly I intend to involve some of the FF clan in this story with Sophie marcus. Are you game?


    • Hi Joe I’m very tempted but work is manic at the moment and not likely to calm down until end of May I’ll be interested to see how it turns out though – maybe I can join you another time. All the best ELA


  8. Just to randomly say I enjoy having you writing for the Fictioneers. I look forward to your story every week. What type of dog do you have? Or what kind of husband? 🙂



  9. Hi Janet
    What a wonderfully random comment! thank you so much! In answer to your question, the dog is actually my mother-in-law’s but the husband is all mine 🙂 One is scruffy, badly trained but lovable, the other gets under my feet and barks at the moon. I’ll leave you to guess which is which (but as a clue, I’m not a dog person).


  10. Hello, El. I’m writing to ask you about the possibility of using one of your pictures in a book I have coming out shortly. The photo you submitted for Friday Fictioneers — what looks like a stuffed animal that is partly giraffe, partly zebra, and partly elephant — inspired a story that I am including in the book. I’m wondering if you would be willing for me to include the picture on the page with the story — giving you full credit, of course. I am also using one of Dawn Miller’s photos from “The Day After,” and one from Bob Mielke — who has provided the cover photo. I guess you could say we’re sort of keeping it in the [blogging] family.

    If you’d rather I did not use the picture, that is fine. But if it’s okay with you, I’ll be sure to include your name and the address of your blog.

    Just let me know your decision. If you could get back to me sometime this coming week, that would be great.
    Thank you.


  11. Also, just so I’ll do you justice on the acknowledgments page, I’d like to clarify your name. Is your full name El Appleby or Ela Appleby — or some other combination of the two? It’s fine if you don’t want anything but your blog address, but it would be nice to give your full name as well, and I don’t see it anywhere on here. Thanks.


  12. I don’t think I’ve read enough of your stuff. I should, it’s good.
    But I think you know that. You should, it’s good.


    • thank you – you made me feel all warm and cuddly inside 🙂
      Sometimes I think it’s good, but mostly I hover around ‘not terrible’ so it’s good to know it’s good 🙂


      • Yeah, I mean don’t get carried away – I never said it was more than good 😉

        Keep up the good work, sir. I’ve followed and will spend some time with your words later this weekend. Do you tweet/twit/twat at all?


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