carpe diem haiku: strawberry



you are not a fruit

so stop pretending you are,

bloody pseudocarps


For Carpe Diem prompt no. 501: strawberry

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carpe diem haiku: ginkgo leaves

ginkgo leaves


I take you daily

in tablet form, however

I’ve forgotten why



For Carpe Diem prompt no. 500: ginkgo leaves

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carpe diem haiku: buttercups


 held under your chin

yellow means you love butter

as does your wide waist


For Carpe Diem prompt no. 499: buttercups

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carpe diem haiku: butterfly


you used to flit, but

your flitting days are over,

cruel formaldehyde


butterfliesFor Carpe Diem prompt no. 498: butterfly

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carpe diem haiku: nakedness & other dangly bits


your drooping member

has given me the giggles

please put some clothes on


This is for the Carpe Diem Haiku prompt no. 497: nakedness, and it’s my first attempt at haiku. I’m probably not following the complex and myriad rules of haiku, but I enjoyed myself so much that I went back over some of this month’s earlier prompts.

Here’s my Carpe Diem June Catch Up:

nights of summer

drizzle penetrates

we shiver in cardigans

summer in Britain


after loving

we lie back and smoke

our post-coital cigarettes

then one of us farts


hot springs

miracle water

disappoints as it’s not quite

hot enough for tea



lips slip, noses bump

teeth clash, I wish I could kiss

like they do in films



a warm wind cometh

too much broccoli, methinks

better out than in.



we watch the sun rise

wide awake, praying for sleep

damned amphetamines


being lazy

I bought a stair-lift,

there’s nothing wrong with my legs

I just can’t be arsed.