Friday Fiction – Cinnamon Sky Sees The Light

For those who don’t know, Friday Fictioneers is a challenge to write a 100 word story from a picture prompt. It’s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, and anyone can play. Thanks for hosting, Rochelle! Check out the link at the end of my story to see what other fictioneers did with this week’s prompt.


Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Cinnamon Sky Sees The Light

The excitement in the self-sufficient Tambourine household was palpable. They were going electric. Thanks to Bob’s latest pedal-powered contraption, they now had their own sustainable energy source.

Bob’s daughter, Cinnamon Sky, hopped on the bike and started pedalling. The lights began to glow.

‘Keep going and you might make enough electricity to watch telly,’ Bob said.

Cinnamon pedalled faster and faster. Sparks flew, but she didn’t notice, she was fixated on the promise of EastEnders. There was an almighty bang, followed by a mournful fizz, then the lights died.

Cinnamon slid off the bike.

‘I’ll get the oil-lamps,’ she sighed.

(100 words – but only because I hyphenated ‘oil-lamps’ 😉 )


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