The Trials of Teresa Troll


The Trials of Teresa Troll

When I first met Teresa Troll she was wasting away under her bridge. People had been leaving town in droves since they built the bypass. Barely a soul had trip-trapped across her bridge in months. I must confess I was a little concerned for my safety. However, despite her hunger, Teresa insisted she’d never stoop to eating a vegan. Apparently, we taste of chickpeas.

Eventually Teresa packed her belongings and went to find a new bridge. I can’t say where she ended up, but if there’s a bridge near you, I’d suggest you check underneath before you go trip-trapping across…

(100 words)



PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Authors note: I am not actually a vegan, and I doubt very much that I taste of chickpeas.

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