This Pizza Tastes Like Freedom (A Story Dice Story)

I stumbled across Dave Birss’s Story Dice the other day when I was looking for inspiration for a story. I’d heard of story dice before and wondered if there was an online version – and there is! There are a handful of other creativity tools on his site, take a look here:

The idea: quite simply roll the dice, look at the images and see if you can make a story from them. Dave Birss suggests using the dice in the order they are rolled, but it’s up to you. You can either take them literally (a pizza is a pizza) or interpret them (a pizza represents fast food or Italy or acne).

Here’s my story dice story:

This Pizza Tastes Like Freedom

Dylan was sitting in his pants on the sofa, eating a huge slice of meat-feast pizza (extra cheese). The pizza slice was so large that it curved down like a ski slope. A slice of pepperoni slid to the end and launched itself onto the sofa cushion, Dylan watched it land and grinned.

‘You stay there, mate,’ he said to the pepperoni. ‘Welcome to my new flat. My place, my rules. No one telling me what to do, making me clean my room or take out the bins. Freedom at last!’

Dylan leaned back and pointed the remote control at the telly.

‘This is the life!’ he said to his new pepperoni pal as he flicked through the channels. A large drop of water picked this moment to disagree, landing on his head with a plop.

‘What the-?’

A second droplet joined the party. Dylan looked up and saw an alarming bulge in the ceiling. And it was getting bigger. He leapt up from the sofa at the exact same moment that the bulge burst, covering Dylan in a shower of plaster lumps, then rinsing him off with several gallons of ice-cold water. Through the gaping hole that had now appeared in the ceiling, the wind screamed like a banshee. Dylan shrieked, shivered, and dripped all at once. He reached for his phone, starting to sob.

‘Mum! Can you pick me up, please? I want to go home!’

On the sodden sofa, the pepperoni tutted to itself, as the water droplets danced a little jig on the remains of the pizza.

Why not give it a go yourself? (The dice also make a great writers’ night in drinking game!)


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